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My Sore Feet was created because I wanted to write about where I have been; share my adventures and misadventures; provide a bit of trivia; maybe offer sensible travel tips; and perhaps (just perhaps) give reasons why I sometimes have sore feet!

I'm not here to brag about the exotic places I've been to because, well, I haven't really been to any. Besides, that's so not in my nature. So don't expect full-blown travel guides to exotic locations like India or .. Patagonia ... or some other small European country I would not be able to pinpoint on the map. All you'll find here are anecdotes from the trips I've made to places that could be as mundane as the Farmers Market on Sunday or as exciting as the roads of Hamilton during V8 season.

Will there be pictures? Of course! All the photos uploaded onto this site, whether watermarked or not, were all taken by me. I won't be uploading full-blown albums but there'll jbe enough pictures to hopefully whet your appetite and make you either (1) visit the place  (or at the very least - do more research on it); or (2) inspire you to go out, see your surroundings differently and discover what's unique about where you are too.

Anyway,  apart from all those, this site shall also be my reason to go out of the house on weekends to explore someplace new and try to see things in a different light because, as Marcel Proust said: "The real voyage of discovery consist not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes".

Many thanks and enjoy reading about my journeys. :)

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